This mixed media sculpture stands at 12 metres tall and can be found at the Brunswick Plaza in the American city of Chicago. Miro initially titled this artwork as The Sun, the Moon and One Star as these are the fundamental component pieces of the sculpture. The piece is a true mixed media sculpture, being made of steel, wire mesh, concrete, bronze, and ceramic tile. Miro was only able to produce such bold sculptures once his career had taken off, because of the financial and logistical challenges involved.

This sculpture was commissioned by Mayor of Chicago, with various local institutions donating money in order to allow the construction to go ahead. Artist Miro was also keen to repay their faith and so did his best to reduce costs where possible. Whilst payment was agreed in 1979, it was a further two years before Miro's Chicago was finally unveiled. It remains just across the street from the Daley Center, and is a popular element in the artistic appeal of this large city. Around the corner from this famous sculpture, is also the city's Picasso museum, offering further famous abstract art.

Miro's Chicago in Detail Joan Miro