This famous Spanish painter and innovator, over the course of his life, had great changes in mood and aspirations for his art. Miro's work was classified loosely as surrealist, and this quickly led to comparisons with fellow Catalan painter, Salvador Dali. Dali masterpieces included the likes of Elephants and The Persistence of Memory, famously incorporating melting clocks. Related Spanish artists include Cubists Juan Gris and Pablo Picasso. Also, see the work of Max Ernst, the German Surrealist, with the two becoming good friends as well as working collaboratively and sharing a lot of common ground within their own artistic styles.

Joan Miro was another Spanish artist who was deeply impacted by the Spanish Civil War. Facism rarely finds a middle ground with modern artists, as seen in Germany too. The likes of Picasso and other contemporary artists would not be accepted by these ultra conservative regimes and as such many were forced to move abroad to make the most of their creative talents. In terms of Catalan creativity, Antoni Gaudi was also another highly significant artist to have come from this region and made use of historical references to this region in many of his designs. He was an architect who also became involved in sculpture, furniture and interior design. His buildings in Barcelona have become part of a UNESCO cultural protection order in honour of their beauty and brilliance.